Don’t let aging take away your beauty and aliveness

Adele Lamborn, MA

Longevity and Consciousness Expert

Adele is an Academic Researcher and a Coach in the field of Longevity and Consciousness. She holds a Master's Degree in Consciousness and Transformative Studies with a specialization in Somatic Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, Berkeley, California. She is currently studying Genetics and Genomics at Stanford University and her doctoral research in Mind-Body Medicine focuses on examining how 'kundalini' activation affects our biology, physiology and psychology.

Adele is an internationally known Longevity and Age-Reversal Expert, Meditation Master Teacher, Mindfulness Consultant, and a certified HeartMath® Trainer. She offers transformational, age-reversal online and in-person training and consultations to individuals and organizations around the world. 

Adele received a B.A. in Politics and International Studies and B.A. in Sustainable Development from Murdoch University, Australia. She held an executive position in the European Union's political executive institution before she embarked on an academic path to scientifically research the evolutionary potential of humankind. Adele's scientific research is inspired by her own remarkable transcendental experiences that introduced her to the limitless power of Consciousness at an early age. She has been sharing her groundbreaking research as well as her passion for meditation as the primary tool for harnessing the power of Consciousness to improve all aspects of our human existence.

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Aging can be slowed and even reversed.
— Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD Nobel Prize Winner
Meditation may be able to slow, stall or even reverse age-related declines at the neurological and chromosomal level.
— Dr. Seth Segall, Yale University School of Medicine
The very health of our cells is shaped by how we use our minds.
— Dean Ornish, MD
Solid research validates the effects of meditation on cell biology and telomere length.
— Dave Woynarowski, MD